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My SphereCard business card app, online web app with flyer

The client relations card for business success



Per SphereCard
Launch your free business card that includes a web page and mobile apps. List your business free in our directory.


  • Business Directory Listing

  • Web Page

  • Apple & Android Business Card Mobile App

  • Easy Share - Business Card

  • Receive Consumer Calls - Voice and Video Chat

  • Group Invite

  • Easy Save - Business Card Contact

  • Reputation Protect - NPS  Accreditation System

  • Business Geo Local Time Display

  • Tech Support



billed annually.

تتضمن ميزات My SphereCard ما يلي:

  • 2 أزرار إعادة التوجيه (الروابط)

  • صانع المواعيد

  • الاتصال المباشر

  • الدليل

  • حفظ المفضلة

  • تحميل الشعار

  • الرسالة / الوثيقة. رفع

  • مركز الرسائل / ث خزانة الملفات

  • My SphereCard - تطبيق Apple

  • My SphereCard - تطبيق Google Play

  • مشاركة My SphereCard

  • تطبيق ويب SphereCard الخاص بي

  • لا اعلانات

  • تنبيه

  • زر الدفع

  • حماية السمعة (صافي نقاط الترويج)

  • حفظ جهة الاتصال

  • عرض الشرائح

  • ربط وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي

  • تحميل الفيديو

  • عداد المشاهدات

  • صفحة الويب المقصودة



billed annually.

Per SphereCard
Prepare your employees for success.

It empowers them to provide great customer support, creating loyal customers and inspiring leads and referrals.

Includes all features of Starter and Business:​

  • Mass editing & Management of promotional material on employees' business cards

  • Reassignable business card

  • Track: Employees SphereCard appointments, feedback, number of views, shares, and calls

  • Dedicated Support

With technology paving the way for new developments, accessing, finding, and sharing information is easier than ever. With a simple click, we can simplify your daily tasks more efficiently. Our sophisticated technology here at SPHERE CARD LLC is ready to use at your convenience. Download our amazing App today and see how it can change your life!
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